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Topic: Troubles with GigaSampler v.3.20

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    Troubles with GigaSampler v.3.20

    I am having big troubles working with GigaSampler v.3.20 with program changes when several instruments play at the same time (often after the fourth instrument is added).

    When I do program changes, in the MIDI MIxer illuminates display of FX
    functions. Dropouts takes place then. This is logic?

    The sound is interrupted as if Program changes would not work in time and if I mute any of the active instruments the problem stops happening.
    This did not happened with vs 3.12 but then the sume of several 24 bits instruments collapse the CPU with clicks so I was rendering traks individually.

    My system is GS 3.2, Windows XP Pro SP 2, dual 3.2 GHz P4 and two gigs of RAM; and my equipment is dedicated jus to GS, no internet, virus and trojans free and no other programs installed before the problem happened. The sequencer runs on another computer.

    Could you help me?



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    Re: Troubles with GigaSampler v.3.20

    Hi Marianel,

    Since your FX light comes on, that would make it seem like there is a gigapulse sp instance loading with the instrument. I believe this could easily be your problem, because loading a new gigapulse instance during playback (something which I only do while experimenting on the fly-never as part of the intended playback) always causes some sort of unwanted noisy thing to happen.

    Is the program you're switching to a Giga Piano, or other Convolution-based instrument? If so, try to find a way to load it at the start of playback with out loading or unloading it again during the playback (dedicate a single channel to this instrument) and see if that helps.


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    Re: Troubles with GigaSampler v.3.20

    Hi Belbin,

    I do not have any program with call to GigaPulse but, peculiar, with your suggestion, when I have activated env Aux with GigaPulse have stopped dropouts.

    Incredible. Attempt again. Something I make bad is evident.

    Thank you very very much, finally I see something of light.


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