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Topic: Scarbee SID XL, individual outs

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    Scarbee SID XL, individual outs

    What's up with this library and the issues regarding Halion/Halion OEM player, AU (Audio Units), and Logic Pro 7.2?

    #1. Any news on Halion updates from Steinberg?

    #2. K2 version from Scarbee?

    A workaround for now would be to buy Halion 3 and manually remap the output assignments for every sample in every program...
    With former Logic-versions I think it works, in Halion/OEM stand-alone mode/Rewire.

    Any thoughts?

    Hakan Glante

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL, individual outs


    they often stressed that there will never be a K2 version SID XL.

    Well, the issue with Logic 7.2 - what do you mean. There is one which is a Logic issue if you ask me, that Logic does not show the ReWire outs of the player correctly - but after installing real rewire compatible software like Live Logic is able to display that correctly.

    But I am most often using HALion (not the player) because the player does not recognize my custom patches (which *****s) and with that I am not experiencing any problems. So it would be possible that there are also not that many problems with Logic and HALion player ....


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    Re: Scarbee SID XL, individual outs

    Halion in AU-mode doesn't allow different output configurations.
    It's 8 stereo-pairs.
    And the presets use 2 stereo-pairs and 12 ind outs.
    So, BD outside appears/duplicates on the same output as SD over etc

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL, individual outs

    Well, sure, but that is because for Logic there is not really a difference between a stereo out and mono out for additional outputs - as you choose that with the aux track config (might be a bit more convenient to have mono outs for SID, but it should not be a big problem ...), well, and surround - well, let's not rant about surround implementation and logic here ....
    This is the stupid AU vs. VST implementation potence war - making Kontakt less convenient in VST and HAL in AU .... it is childish - of course

    but does the ReWire version not support mono outputs? (as HALion does not support to keep samples in RAM as exs when switching projects that might even be a nice reason to use ReWire-version)

    And, just tried to load a SID-NKI in K2 - crash test dummies ....

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL, individual outs

    what should one say - thank god there are still HALion files for SID (v1) so that K2 can import that as it crashes on loading the equivalent .nkis :-)

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL, individual outs

    What are you saying, K2 crashes on loading .nkis?
    I've never used Kontakt, but heard it's buggy...

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL, individual outs

    Quote Originally Posted by steff3
    but does the ReWire version not support mono outputs?
    Doesn't seem so.
    Changed the output config in stand-alone mode to 2 stereo, 12 mono, and no 5.1
    When I reopened it in Rewire slave mode it was back to 4 stereo, 4 mon, and 4 5.1

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL, individual outs

    Well, did you just change it or did you same a HALiondef.fxb? There is a huge difference. There is a "tutorial" how to adjust the output settings and make default preset on the DVD (on one of them - somewhere). I think you have to change the output settings (do not forget the preload time to set to 0.1 s and the upsampling to low or so), go to HALion program (?applications) ctrl-click s-> show package content and drop it in there or so.

    Well, not really mac standard for convenience. ...


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    Re: Scarbee SID XL, individual outs

    I've tried to put the haliondef.fxb (which I saved as a bank from within Halion) in the Components folder, the Halion folder, the Halion content folde and the Halion package contents folder without results...

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