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Topic: Articulation help

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    Articulation help

    Hi, all. I'm having trouble getting consitant slurs in JABB. I figured out how to do it in GPO but somehow they never work consistantly in JABB. I'm using bith Cakewalk homestudio 2004 XL and Sonar 6. I have the pedal sett to CC data and I use cc64 to activate and deactivat slurs. On trills, the notes come out all choppy. In GPO I changed the polyphony settings in the solo instruments and it makes beautiful slurs. Any suggestions?


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    Re: Articulation help

    Experiment with your soundcard latency settings. The programming in JABB is a little more complex so you may need to raise your latency settings.


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    Re: Articulation help

    Also-if you don't need the growls, breath noises, and other "special effects" available in JABB, please consider using the LITE version of each JABB instrument you need.
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    Re: Articulation help

    To elaborate on Jim's suggestion above (about using the Lite instruments) note that the Lite instruments use the same programming techniques as GPO. You can change the polyphony setting. Just as with GPO, it breaks the tongue/slur programming, but lets users who wish to control note overlaps, or play a single instrument polyphonically, do that.

    Increasing the polyphony settings for the standard JABB instruments will have no effect because JABB uses a completely different approach to tongue/slur (mono mode) programming. This was necessary to allow the complex layered construction with air flow noise, keyclicks, release effects, etc. The simpler GPO programming approach was not possible with the presence of these features. The lite instruments eliminate the fancy features and allow polyphony adjustments.

    My advice is always to allocate your "forces" as needed. If you need the advanced features for a part then use the full-featured standard instruments. If you don't need the advanced features then use the Lites. You can mix the two types. Use the full-featured instruments for exposed instruments and the Lites for inner parts. This approach will also reduce the CPU demands for playback.


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    Re: Articulation help

    Thanks for all the input. I'll try using the lite versions and see how that works. It's all a bit new to me. As for adjusting the latency settings, I know I did that at some point so I could play in real time, but I don't remember how. I think it was in the stand-alone version. If I raise the latency, would I have to set GPO to the same latency in order to use them together?

    When creating slurs with the full version of JABB instruments are the notes supposed to overlap? Thanks again!

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    Re: Articulation help

    Quote Originally Posted by ofafeather
    When creating slurs with the full version of JABB instruments are the notes supposed to overlap?
    With very few exceptions: The transitions between slurred notes must overlap and tongued notes must exhibit at least a small amount of separation.


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    Exclamation Re: Articulation help

    Hi, All. I still can't seem to figure out the articulation issues. When I listen to the demos the articulations sound natural. I'm confused about the latency settings. Firstly, which sound card mode should I be using? I'm using Sonar 6 and I have WDM, ASIO and MME available. Secondly, if I adjust the latency there seems to be several ways to do it, not all matching up. I can adjust it in the Kontack Player file menu. I can also adjust it in the Sonar Audio options. The attacks are inconsistant and the slurs are poor. I tried overlapping the notes slightly for slurs and separting them to tongued notes. I've also tried increasing velocity for a more pronounced attack with only moderate success. Please help.


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