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Topic: Using GPO "and" JABB

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    Question Using GPO "and" JABB

    To preface, I am a real newbie regarding computerized musical composition.
    I currently use Finale 2006 and Sonar and am considering purchasing GOP and/or JABB. Any help on the following questions is appreciated.

    1. Can both GPO and JABB be installed on the same hard drive? I seem to recall reading posts where others have had problems installing the second program for some reason.
    2. Can GPO program use JABB libraries or vice versa or does a separate player need to be opened for each program? ie: Can both libraries reside in the same folder?
    3. Can (and is it a problem setting up) Finale 2006 select from either GPO or JABB libraries at the same time when selecting instrumentation setting up scores?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: Using GPO "and" JABB

    Take a look at the program called GPO Studio. You can download it from the main Garritan website (under the Updates and Downloads section). It lets you run 8 players simultaneously (GPO and JABB). Therefore, you can have up to 64 instruments of JABB and GPO combined.
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    Re: Using GPO "and" JABB

    You don't need Studio with Finale 2006. GPO as well as JABB can be used as VST plugins in F06 and F07. In any case, they use their own separate player. You can mix the libraries in the Wizard.

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    Re: Using GPO "and" JABB

    I have three Kontakt-based sample players: Kontakt 2, GPO, JABB, and Virtual Drumline 2 all installed on the same hard drive. I have had no problems, though I admit that I do most of my work in Kontakt 2 to allow for better mixing-and-matching among my KP libraries as well as my non KP and imported libraries.

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    Re: Using GPO "and" JABB

    Thanks to all for your enlightening answers. Now I can further explode my brain with all the new toys.

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