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Topic: Hawiian Guitar sample?

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    Hawiian Guitar sample?


    I am looking for a good Hawaiian sounding slide guitar sample. I have had good results with RA for a ukelele, and Somewhat results with Collosus Slide guitar. I don't mind if its a loop sample or a playable patch, but can anyone recommend something that would work for this?

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    Re: Hawiian Guitar sample?

    I have had some pretty good results using a standard guitar sample with pitch wheel and sustain pedal for doing slides. Try it. It's not the real thing, of course, but pretty close.


    Larry Alexander
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Hawiian Guitar sample?


    I have gotten ok results with a slide guitar sample, but just wondering if there are anything better. Thanks for the input

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    Re: Hawiian Guitar sample?

    The big problem is that slides done by standard pitch bending are very unnatural. Without decent formant correction, you're in trouble.

    With Kontakt, good use of its time / pitch machine and scripting might offer some improvement here. Haven't played with that as much as I would like to though. Hawaii and pedal steel guitar are really tricky, but I haven't given up totally!

    FWIW, I constructed my own wooden 'Hawaii' guitar some years ago to circumvent the problem of horrible sounding MIDI GM style slides. Basically a straight 'fretless' construction using parts of a traditional guitar incl. a Seymour Duncan pick-up. Despite being relatively simple to make, it sounds not too bad and natural slides are no problem
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    Re: Hawiian Guitar sample?

    Thats good. I play guitar, but don't have a lap steel. I can get decent slides from my guitar, but it isn't the same as a lapsteel. I may end up just getting one of these days. I agree, about the pitch bending. Specially if a sample has some natural reverb or anything, sounds very unnatural.

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    Re: Hawiian Guitar sample?

    Only sampled Steel/Pedal-Steel guitar ive ever seen was from "Whole 'Lotta Country". its very old, and hard to use.. but it may work for ya. Good luck finding it, though... =\
    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Hawiian Guitar sample?

    East West Collosus has one. It is ok, I ended up getting passable results I think. Using some post processing and such helped a little as well. Wish there were more options though.

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    Re: Hawiian Guitar sample?

    The Liquid Guitar sample CD from VoiceCrystal (not to be confused with the Liquid Guitar VSTi from Uberschall) has some Hawaiian guitar samples (phrases, not multi-samples).


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    Re: Hawiian Guitar sample?

    Well, what we really need in hawaiian guitar sample library is a semi long slide... That way we can do mock ups of looney tunes...

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    Re: Hawiian Guitar sample?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    If you've already got guitar chops, there are some really inexpensive lap steels out there these days. I was going to get one myself, until a pedal steel friend twisted my arm and forced my to buy a pedal steel. It's a barrel of fun. My only regret is that there aren't more hours in the day.
    Hi Lee,

    I'm going to make matters worse!!!

    You need both... really! I've played pedal steel for years, and last summer a relative was dumping an old lap steel, I was "forced" to help out, and ended up buying it.

    It is a very different beast, and just as much fun.

    So, you need both... really!

    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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