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Topic: Swinging 'round Broadway - Drake Music School

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    Swinging 'round Broadway - Drake Music School

    Last night I attended a concert at the newly refurbished Old Fruit Market in Glasgow featuring Drake Music Scotland, Antonine Court and The Royal Scottish National Orchestra Big Band in a performance of Swinging 'round Broadway. A musical journey from contemporary New York to 1930s Hollywood, from the Windy City all the way to Miami Beach.

    The music for the show was created by the Antonine Players in collaboration with Musician in Residence Pete Sparkes. The Antonine Court Centre's function is to create a community based resource for people with disabilities in the Drumchapel area of Glasgow, very close to where I grew up.

    As has already been mentioned in the forum the Drake Music Project creates opportunities for people with disabilities to make music and the concert showcased the use of Soundbeam featuring Garritan Jazz & Big Band utilising sax and flute sounds for solos performed throughout the concert. The beams were programmed at a length of 1m with a series of pitches which are played
    by moving a hand up and down within the range of the beam. It was a real thrill to hear Gary's JABB samples played live with a real big band.

    The concert also merited a news report on the main Scottish BBC news programme on TV. There was a link to the video on the BBC website but it has since been replaced, shame.

    I enjoyed the concert immensley as did the rest of the audience judging by the response.

    Well done to all involved for an excellent evening!


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    Re: Swinging 'round Broadway - Drake Music School


    Thank you very much for the report. The pictures are excellent and give us a good feel for this amazing cocncert.

    It sounds like it was a remarkable performance. It must have been inspiring to see people who could not hold an instrument now realizing their dreams of performing music in concert!

    I appreciate your telling us about the Drake School and urge members to lend their support to this worthy cause.


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Swinging 'round Broadway - Drake Music School

    Thanks, Tony, for the great pictures and reporting.

    Quite an event!

    My best,


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