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Topic: An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)

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    An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)

    Last week, we were invited guests for a concert and backstage tour with the rock band 'Foreigner' at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. Foreigner was nearing the end of their world-wide tour and we had an opportunity to spend some time with bassist Jeff Pilson (a former Seattleite) and meet some of the band members before the show. Foreigner users Personal Orchestra and recently started using the Stradivari Solo Violin.

    Foreigner is one of the most well-known bands in modern Rock & Roll. Anyone who was awake for the last 20 years could not have helped hearing such great hits as "Hot Blooded", "Feels Like The First Time", "Double Vision", "Cold As Ice", "Say You Will", "Urgent" and "I Want To Know What Love Is" which helped to shape the music of a generation. Foreigner was started in 1976 and their first two albums sold over nine million copies with many of their songs remaining in the top twenty for some time.
    The current members include:
    • Mick Jones: guitar, piano, keyboards, background vocals. Mick is the founder of the band and has been with the band since 1976. He was simply dynamite on guitar.
    • Jeff Pilson: bass guitar, background vocals (Jeff is an amazing indefatigable bass player and he traveled the stage infusing so much energy into the concert. Jeff is also a producer).
    • Jason Bonham: drums (son of the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham)
    • Jeff Jacobs: keyboards, background vocals (fantastic keyboard player).
    • Thom Gimbel: (incredible guitarist, background vocals andsaxophone)
    • Kelly Hansen: lead vocals (fantastic singer and energetic capturing the classic sound of Foreigner)
    The concert was fantastic and the band was firing on all cylinders. They played hit after hit flawlessly In addition to playing their own hits they also played Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" as a tribute to Jason's father John Bonham. The band seemed to be having so much fun, playing many classic hits and it was infectious for the audience. Every band member gave 110 per cent. The fans were enthusiastic. They were jumping out of their seats, running to the pit area, singing every word of every song and dancing and rocking their hearts out.

    Foreigner is without doubt one of the finest classic rock bands touring today. If you get a chance to see them live I think you'll enjoy it.

    Thanks Jeff, Mick, Kelly, Jason, Jeff, and Tom...The entire show was a rockin' good time!

    Gary Garritan

    The Paramount Theatre and Foreigner on stage

    More photos of the concert

    Kelly, Jeff, Jason & Thom ............... Kelly, Jeff & Jason

    Jeff, Mick Kelly & Jason .................. Jason, Jeff & Thom (on sax)

    Thom Gimbel, myself, Mick Jones and Jeff Pilson

    Backstage - mixing console and guitar rack

    Kelly and the enthusiastic fans ............... Jason and Jeff on bass

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    Re: An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)

    Looks like a great evening. It's great to see they are still jamming. I think i went to see them when Hotblooded first came out, but for some reason my memory of that era is a bit foggy. I'll have to check out their music using GPO and can't wait to hear the Strad.

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    Re: An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)

    I bet it sounded great. I use to see a lot of rock acts there in my younger days and it seemed like the bands would always put on a good show there.
    Perfect acoustics!

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    Gary - that's awesome! I would *love* to see this show, but since it's the end of the tour, I doubt the chance wil arise. Perhaps they filmed a leg or two of the tour and will put it on HDTV. I just finished watching a Doobie Brothers concert, and last week they played Hootie and the Blowfish, Duran Duran, and REM (though I didn't watch any of them). They also run quite a few concerts of Brit acts from Isle of Wight, and I've also seen Blues Traveler at Red Rock fly by during their promos. It's nothing like being there live, but it's nice to be able to catch some of these acts - some in their prime, and some showing that they still "have it". Man, to hear how Foreigner treated "Whole Lotta Love" with Bonham on kit...

    Congrats on another successful world tour for GPO and SSV!
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)

    This is cool Gary, I have one question... what is a group like this doing with a Garritan Stardivari solo Violin?

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    Re: An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)


    Maybe they are going back to long-hair music with the Strad.

    Foreigner is using GPO and the Strad on an upcoming album they are recording.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)

    Molto cool!


    I think he stole my hat, though...


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    Re: An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)

    WOW! I will buy that CD just to hear how they used it.

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    Re: An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)

    Whatever happened to Lou Gramm, the original vocalist?
    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: An Evening with 'Foreigner' (Photos)

    My thoughts exactly; if it didn't include Lou Gramm, it wasn't Foreigner.

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