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Topic: Using Soundsets in Sibelius 3

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    Using Soundsets in Sibelius 3

    Hey everyone,

    I saw David's plug-ins that he created to use the Sibelius soundset feature with GPO and JABB for Sibelius 4 and I was wondering if they or something like them, can be done in Sibelius 3.

    Funds have been tight lately, so I haven't been able to upgrade to 4 yet and this would help my workflow alot. Right now, I use GPO with Garritan Studio and Sibelius and it works fine. I just hate putting in all of the key switches, dynamic marks and what not.

    I already have the Cres/Decres and the slur plug-ins that were created sometime ago. Just wondering.

    I hope everyone is doing well. It's frickin' freezing here in Ohio right now, so, everyone stay warm, wherever you are.

    Talk to you all soon,
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    Re: Using Soundsets in Sibelius 3

    Sibelius 4.1 is the first version that allows one to use the GPO dynamic controls in the soundsets. So there really isn't a way to do this in Sibelius 3.

    Also, regarding plugins, it would not be possible to create a plugin for version 3 either. Version 4 of Sibelius is the first one to allow a plugin to recognize articulation markings in the score.

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