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Topic: Vocal mic for Tube Pre?

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    Vocal mic for Tube Pre?

    Hi. I'm currently looking for a new vocal mic for recording a female mezzo soprano gospel singer with a £200 budget. I already have a Rode NT1a and Studio Projects B1 and will be using the mic with a SPL Goldmike pre. I would like the mic to sound as full, detailed and classy as possible. Which mic would you recommend in this price bracket?

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    Re: Vocal mic for Tube Pre?

    I have heard that the Project Studios T3 is a lovely mic. I have the ADK Hamburg and the Vienna and am not wrapped in either of them. I simply love the RODE NTK but I think it is outside the bracket unless you get a second hand (which is what I did). I alos have a RODE NT2000 but find it a little harsh/over clean on vocals. A mate of mine has a Oktava large diaphram mic and it sounded good, cant rememebr the model number but they could be interesting. He also has a CAD M9 which I loved and is going to be my next purchase.

    Hove this helps.

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