Hey there,

A composer i have been working for just got GVI (she has been using gigastudio 3 Orchestra). A couple of things: firstly, does GVI recognise gsp files or will we need to convert projects into gsi or something else for use withing GVI. Secondly, i cannot believe that GVI requires Service Pack 2 on Windows XP. We specifically don't use SP2 because of possible driver conflicts with our soundcard and i didnt see ANY mention of this requirement on the Tascam site (maybe i didnt look hard enough!). I thought this would have been an important thing to point out as many people have SP1 as a choice. Also its strange that on the Tascam site they recommend having SP1 for optimal performance of Gigatsudio. I havent heard of any plugin that requires you to have SP2 just to install it! Is there a good reason for this?