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Topic: Not Responding

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    Not Responding

    My Giga is now acting strange. Everything is fine when I boot it up and start launch Giga (2.57) I can load and play just fine. The problem happens when I don't touch the computer for 15 minutes or so. If I leave it idle for just a short period of time the computer no longer responds at all. I just get the hourglass and cannot do anything. But the samples still play just fine. I have to hard reset the computer to do anything. All the power settings are set to Never Sleep. I did hook up a drive the other day but have since unhooked it. The firewire card in the computer was a bit shaky and I re-set it. And I had a keyboard stop working and hooked a new one to the PS2 port. It seemed to be after these thing that this problem cropped up.

    My computer is a P4 2 GHz
    w/ 1GB RAM
    Windows XP SP2


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    Re: Not Responding

    I remember having that happen at times with 2.5, though it was rare. The other problem I had with the machine was l-o-n-g load times. Upgrading to 3.0 solved both of those problems.

    All I can say is to make sure that your drivers are 100% up to date - including your video driver. Some video cards have alternate drivers - one from Microsoft, one from the chipmaker (ATI or nVidia) and one from the graphics card brand. You can try them all!

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