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Topic: Scherzo for flute

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    Scherzo for flute

    This is a short piece for flute and orchestra that I recently revised and upgraded with different samples.

    Scherzo for Flute

    I tried to mix the flute so that it would not be buried in the mix, but would be sufficiently in the front (in the manner of a concerto.)

    Please give it a listen and let me know your thoughts on it.


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    Re: Scherzo for flute

    I'm finding it difficult to determine what the flute is playing due to the reverb.
    If it were dryer, or a different timing on the reverb it would work better.
    Or is it that the ambience is on the samples?

    Other than that I think it's pretty cool.
    It just that would be nice to hear the rhythms without so much ambience.

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    Re: Scherzo for flute


    Thanks for listening. It's possible that I may have too much reverb, but I usually restrain myself. The reverb is in the samples and I used a close mic and a far mic for all of the instruments and made the close mic a bit louder. On the flute I added a very little bit of the stage mic sample to give it a symphonic (Heinz Hall) sound. Perhaps too much.

    Thanks for lending me your ears.


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