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Topic: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

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    Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    "Bela D Media has intentions to release this product in a native GigaStudio/GS3 version. The Kontakt 2 version makes great use of advanced scripting and we are currently in the process of obtaining a method of matching that power within the non-scripting limitations of GigaStudio/GS3."
    Pleas when will there be scripting opinions in the gigastudio?

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    Re: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    Full Giga scriptage would make me extremely happy.....
    — alanb




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    Re: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    Here's me speaking without knowing, but my gut feeling is that GVI/GS will not have scripting. If certain special functionality is needed it will be built into it to take advantage of without scripting. This has been the Gigastudio way and I don't imagine it changing significantly any time soon.

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    Re: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    I wonder what Bela D requires that can't be done with GS3's iMIDI....

    - G

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