Hello all!
I've been working with the Strad for a couple of weeks now and am having questions about mastering control over the bow attack vs. portamento.

I notice that velocity controls the initial attack of the bow against the string - soft velocity = less friction but more prone to unwanted portamento if the notes are not overlapping.

It's very difficult to juggle between my desire for soft bow attack on non overlapping notes and avoiding too much portamento.
I wish there was another way of controlling the portamento seperate from attack (velocity). It is not intuitive for me (a violinist).
Velocity controlling the attack represents the function of the right bowing hand and portamento is in the realm of the left fingering hand.
I do realize that this is setup this way for live performance but, I not always playing that way.

Are there midi cc numbers that we could utilize to enhance our sequencing and giving us more control over portamento?
The threshold for a soft attack seems to be vel = 32 or less .
Legato vel = 100+. It would be great to be able to tweak that velocity scale as well.

any suggestions welcomed.