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Topic: Setup for live performance

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    Setup for live performance

    I'm preparing for a Christmas concert here at school and it has been decided to synth the string parts this year. It looks like we're going to by a high quality sample library, and I have a few questions about how to make it work. First, we will be running three synths. One will play the violin parts in the right hand and the viola in the left. Another the Cello and Bass, and a third will cover harp. Synthesized harp sounds tend to be pretty good, so we might run that one seperately. The other two, if we get the sample library, will need to go through a computer. So the big question is, how do you run two synths through one computer? What kind of hardware do I need, bare minimum? How can I get an effects pedal on the synths to directly control volume? I'd appreciate any help you can provide.

    J. Peter Wolk-Laniewski
    George Fox University

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    Re: Setup for live performance

    You need a midi interface with two ins, such as the M Audio's Midiman 2X2, as well as a sound card like the Midiman Audiophile. Then, depending on what you get, you can have your samples hosted in Steinberg V-stack, and select your seperate midi ins for each seperate banks of sounds. Total for above- around $250.

    Hope that helps.

    Very funny you are at George Fox- I live in Portland. I'm doing the Singing Christmas Tree right now, and then I do the Nutcracker as Production Electrician. Small world.



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    Re: Setup for live performance

    GPO has a full strings patch mapped from the bottom to the top of an 88 weighted keyboard. You could essentialy have a number of keyboards all assigned to the same midi channel and have them play this single patch. One person would play the mod wheel. Just make sure nobody else touches their mod wheel, and make sure they are set to zero, (full off),
    Or, simply load the same patch for everyone on separate channels, this way if they play outside of the normal range of their instrument, (part) they will still produce sound. This is the better of the two options.


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    Re: Setup for live performance

    I'm trying to do something similar (2 synths playing off 1 computer for live performance) using Gigastudio 2.54. Am I crazy?
    Here's the breakdown:
    -Synth 1: Roland Fantom X8
    -Synth 2: Kurzweil K2600
    -Computer: 799 MHz P3 w/ 1.5 GB RAM, only running Giga
    -MIDI: MOTU Flyer 2x2
    -Audio: Echo GINA w/ 8 outs

    Synth 1 will be playing the whole time (pianos, B3's, Rhodes), while Synth 2 will add flavor (bells, glock, orch. percussion).

    Should I reserve the Giga for Synth 1 and use the internal sounds of the K2600 for Synth 2? Is it possible to have multiple sounds on 1 midi channel in Giga (say, B3 in the lower octaves and Piano in the upper ones)???
    Any input is appreciated!

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    Unhappy Re: Setup for live performance

    Anybody else pull this off in a live setting?

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    Re: Setup for live performance

    Quote Originally Posted by byoskit
    Anybody else pull this off in a live setting?
    I am sure that my note here is long after your CHristmas concert. We are setting up a live GS3 system for church services. I am not sure I would trust GS2.5 in a live setting.

    How did the concert go?


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    Re: Setup for live performance

    For live performance I am running a fully-loaded Rev C Receptor (2G RAM, 140G drive, not the new 'pro' version) and really like it a LOT. I have different multi-patch setups for everything from live 2-manual B3 with pedals (tho I don't have the pedals yet) to the same with multiple synths and pianos, or GPO in any configuration needed - the strings works well like this - or RMX with electronic libs, etc.

    I can run one MIDI input plus one USB, or multiple midi keyboards if they are merged externally - there are only 16 channels total, but two players can work at the same time if the data throughput isn't too high with expression, AT, mod and pitch wheels a-pumping. I have done this with one 'pianist' and one 'synthesist' and it sounded great. Two string section players with GPO controls could stess it, I suppose, but if all they were running was two instantiations of GPO with the multi-string patch I think I would handle it just fine.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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