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Topic: GPO and mod wheel

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    Post GPO and mod wheel

    I am considering buying this sample library but from all the posts I have read it seems that the mod wheel is quite important. Unfortunately my midi keyboard does not have one - and although I believe you can 'turn' the knob in kontakt, this is not very practical. Does anyone know of a way around this?


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    Re: GPO and mod wheel

    if you have K2, you can edit the instruments and switch the mod wheel control of the volume for the more typical velocity controlled volume

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    Re: GPO and mod wheel

    Or you could go the easy way and just load the provided X-Custom instruments which use standard MIDI controllers for veliocity. Although you have to realize that you lose 99% of what makes GPo great by going this route!

    I suggest asking this question in the Garritan section of this forum, since that might give you more and better answers.
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    Re: GPO and mod wheel

    If your sequencer supports MIDI-FX plugins, you can use the MFX CC Map from TenCrazy.com to convert CC#7 (Volume) into CC#1 (ModWheel). You can also set MIDI-Ox (stand alone MIDI application) up to do the convertion. If your sequencer does not support MIDI-FX plugins, there is a nifty little MidiBag available from Tobybear; these plugins are regular AudioFX plugins, but work on MIDI (don't ask me how). Finally there is the MIDI Control Center, also from Tobybear. The Tobybear site sometimes runs out of bandwidth. When this happens, you have to wait until next month to download anything from the site.

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    Re: GPO and mod wheel

    Thought about an emu launchpad or something like it?

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    Re: GPO and mod wheel

    You can also draw in the modwheel data in your sequencing program.

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    Re: GPO and mod wheel

    If you are out of money, you can use an old joystick. After you custom to it, you can found it more pleasant than the modwheel.
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