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Topic: Ravel "La valee des cloches"

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    Ravel "La valee des cloches"

    One of the most evocative impressionistic piano compositions of all is Ravel's "La valee des cloches" (The valley of the bells) from his suite "Miroirs". In this he evokes bell sounds of all kinds, ending quitely with a cathedral bell (possibly Notre Dame cathedral).
    The piano writing is very subtle and finely balanced with different strands, making it quite a challenge for GPO Steinway (and my current skill level!).
    It gave me much more problems than I had anticipated, but anyway here is the finished product.
    The tempo is uniform throughout, and I have taken it slightly slower than the indication on the score.


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    Re: Ravel "La valee des cloches"

    A very noble piece and well done within the limitations of the GPO Steinway.
    Never heard this before... everytime I hear Ravel he surprises me. Thank you for posting this.

    I used this "cloches" effect also in some of my own compositions[thus without knowing of this piece by Ravel]. If you wish, go to www.esnips.com/web/Hojitas and search for Salamanca. It is not rendered with the GPO Steinway, but with The Grand2 - Steinberg.


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    Re: Ravel "La valee des cloches"


    Fine performance of this piece with the GPO Steinway. I have not heard of it before.



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    Re: Ravel "La valee des cloches"

    Excellent job on this, Eugene, very well done.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how effectively
    you got some of the bell effects to come across;
    that's not easy to do with a sampled piano, in
    that the resonances required need to be handled
    with delicacy and skill to avoid muddying up the
    overall sound.

    Nice work!


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