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Topic: Looking for a sampled kora

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    Exclamation Looking for a sampled kora

    Hey all,

    I'm ghost-writing for a show on TV, and the newest episode features a character playing a guitar-like instrument called the KORA. (it's an African Instrument).
    Does anyone know of a sample-library that includes this instrument?



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    Re: Looking for a sampled kora

    There is a Kora in East West's RA. It's not cheap, though, if you just buy it for the Kora. However, it's definitely worth the money for all the great stuff in there (it's currently on sale as well, so you get it for 50% of the original price).

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    Re: Looking for a sampled kora

    Hi Alex.

    Ethno World 2 has a good kora (multi-samples, loops and FX). Quantum Leap Ra also has one.



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    Re: Looking for a sampled kora

    As It happens I've been using the Ethnoworld 3 Cora (same as the one Nick suggested above) today on a track and it's very satisfyingly twangy and buzzy! Works for me!



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    Re: Looking for a sampled kora

    Thanks for the input! I'm looking into RA and Ethnoworld 3 right now...


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    Re: Looking for a sampled kora

    motu ethno instrument has one

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    Re: Looking for a sampled kora

    I own an African kora and used to play it. It's a beautful sounding instrument, very delicate and played almost opposite of a traditional harp. Maybe we can sample it soon.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Looking for a sampled kora

    Did any of you catch Foday Musa Suso playing the kora on the mind-bendingly cool "Bill Laswell and Friends" edition of PBS' "Soundstage" series, earlier this year?

    That was, for me, the greatest televised musical event in I-don't-know-how-long.

    The Suso pieces also featured
    Pharoah Sanders on sax and Aïyb Dieng on drums/percussion.

    Other musicans (appearing in various incarnations of Laswell's "Material" supergroup) included
    Ustad Sultan Khan (sarangi/vocals), Zakir Hussein (tablas), Nils Petter Molvaer (trumpet), Karsh Kale (drums), Toshinori Kondo (trumpet), Hamid Drake (drums), Buckethead (Guitar, Loops, Breakdancing, Nunchucks, etc.), DJ Disk (DJ), Brain (Drums), Grandmixer DXT (MC and DJ), Pete Cosey (Guitar), Bootsy Collins (MC) and Catfish Collins (Clown).

    Pure head damage from start to finish... I pray every day for a gonzo DVD release -- the TV show was 90 minutes, but the recorded performances were at least twice as long.....
    — alanb




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    Re: Looking for a sampled kora

    Yes Mr Garritan , we can use a GOOD sampled kora, because the ones I know ( Ra, EW)
    are poorly samples , sort of wickywacky out of tune museum pieces which can't be taken serious. ( that is , they are perfect if you want thát sound, haha)

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