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Topic: Picture n.8

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    Picture n.8

    Hi everyone,

    After Picture n.4, I wanted to post an other piece from my piano book "Pictures". This is the Picture n.8, a triumphal march in Eb major for piano solo. Please, comment.


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    Re: Picture n.8

    You are staying pretty much in the tonic all of the time and it sounds the same from beginning to end. Perhaps a Part B and Part C are in order. Maybe a section in the relative minor. Even a IV to I or IV to V to I would be welcome.

    Nevertheless, it has possiblities.


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Picture n.8

    A very engaging sketch, Andrea; some fine
    piano color work in this.

    Although I can see Larry's suggestion about
    more harmonic variation, to my ear, I felt this
    remained interesting due to the changing
    textures and dynamics.

    My best,


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    Re: Picture n.8

    I enjoyed this piece.!

    The continual form reminded me of the works by George Winston.

    Very nice!


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    Cool Re: Picture n.8

    che nessuno si offenda, ma il pezzo è giusto così...il bello è proprio il pedale di tonica e tutto il mondo di colori che si muove su questa staticità armonica. Peraltro trucco impressionista molto usato ed efficace secondo me, dipende dal contesto espressivo: con un titolo la cosa sarebbe diventata comprensibile, e invece senza sembra di no...misteri della psiche umana...


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