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Topic: Roland SRX vs. Software Samplers

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    Roland SRX vs. Software Samplers

    This is probably an older topic, but please bare with me. What do you all think of using sounds from the SRX expansion boards (i.e. Complete Orchestra, Symphonique Strings, and Big Brass Ensemble) in conjunction with libraries like GPO and EWQLSO? I'm thinking I can save some CPU usage by patching some of my sounds to my keyboard, but I'm not sure if the sounds on those expansion boards are comparable. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Roland SRX vs. Software Samplers

    I owned a 5080 with the Symphonic Strings SRX board. It did not find it comparable or even useful with GPO, VSL or EWQLSO Gold. The 5080 strings were so downsampled to fit on that 128MB (or was it 256MB?) card, even the besy pro level processing just did not compensate. Others might disagree of course

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    Re: Roland SRX vs. Software Samplers

    I own the piano srx which is supposed to contain 2 different grands, unfortunately they both sound exactly the same, a nice tone ( less grainy then the roland internal ROM pianos, but a bit to damped and ofcourse looped no not comparable with the huge sample libraries

    but my other SRX, the studio drums , is very OK !

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    Re: Roland SRX vs. Software Samplers

    The answer lies in how you use the sounds, regardless of the source. Samplers and "romplers" are instruments in their own right and tend to be most gratifying when they aren't thought of as second rate copies of real-world instruments. If you are composing for the sounds themselves, the Roland cards can be useful. If you are using them for mockups of the classics, you will probably be disappointed. If you want a fairly thin sound with a quick response, the Roland sounds can work. Some of the woodwind combinations work well in fast passages, and many percussion patches can also be very effective, as the emphasis is on attack transients rather than sustaining elements. Solo voices don't generally work so well with the cards...not enough data there.

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    Re: Roland SRX vs. Software Samplers

    I have 6 different synths from 5 different manufacturers. I finally invested in sample libraries and I rarely go to the synths anymore. You simply can't compare a 128 meg piano sound with 3 or 4 velocity layers to a 40 GIG piano library with 10 or even 22 velocity layers. Doesn't matter what the instrument. Sample libraries are the way to go. More articulations, keyswitching, better effects, 24 bit samples. It all adds up.

    Of course, I still have sounds I am attached to or like from the synths, but 80 to 90% of what i use now is in the computer.

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    Re: Roland SRX vs. Software Samplers

    I really depends on your sound aesthetics - no?

    I know Roland quite well, and they really have a distinctive sound - in former times I liked it lot, at them moment I think it is most often a bit to coloured. What is great with Roland is the dynamic - it is always bigger than life but never as cheesy sounding as the Hollywood flavour (some libraries deliver). (Well, then I am from a more European classical background.)

    But a Roland piano (the RD700SX? - the about one year old) in a classical setup - it just feels strange - it is great for rock/pop, maybe jazz, live concerts, but classical music.
    TO me Yamaha sounds a bit better for classical, I think I would prefer the Kawai - though the sound is not that good, but it is pretty neutral ad classical sounding.
    I always think I can form neutral sound, wth coloured sound - like the Roland which is quite coloured - things get more complicated.....

    And what I do not like about the Roland RD700SX is the keyboard - it is a bit to heavy for my taste - there I think the Kawai cannot be beaten ...


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    Re: Roland SRX vs. Software Samplers

    I own a Roland XP-80 with the Orchestral II card. I also used to own a Roland XP-30 which had the Orchestral 1 card in it. There was a patch on the Orch 1 card called "Warm Strings" which put a smile on my face everytime I played it. Very lush and warm. Since those days I have bought a bunch of software libs, most notably EWQL Gold and Gold Pro XP, also Kirk Hunter's Virtuoso Strings. KH's Strings are lovely (especially at the blowout $49 bucks!)

    I still go to the Roland website and listen to the SRX demos ocasionally and have toyed with the idea of buying a rack mount Roland that will use the SRX cards. There is something about the Roland sound that I have always loved (Maybe it was Eric Persing's programming?!) I love the way they have combined all of the SRJV80 cards into one SRX card. Lots of great sounds on those older cards. One nice thing about using hardware is how little it taxes your system.

    Roland: Please Release all of the SRJV80 sound cards as VST's!

    I'd buy most of 'em in a heartbeat!

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Smile Re: Roland SRX vs. Software Samplers

    They Did //The Roland VSTi's are labled under the Edirol product line.. No kidding, they're all there...

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