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Topic: GVI and Firepod Issues

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    GVI and Firepod Issues

    I've just instaled GVI, I downloaded the recent up date, and updated the Firepod drivers as well.

    But any instrument I load just sounds like static.

    What am I missing?

    I've tried several tweaks, i.e. polyphony, latency on the firepod, etc.

    but nothing seems to work.

    this happens both in stand alone, and as a vst in Cubase.

    My set up:

    Asus A8N5X
    AMD 3800 dual core 64x2
    2 WD 100 gig hardrives
    1 gig ram

    Windows XP SP2
    Cubase LE

    the firewire is on a card (no firewire on the motherboard), and I'm wondering if this is the problem.

    any advice?



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    Re: GVI and Firepod Issues

    I'm still having this issue, it seems that everyone here just installed theirs and was up and running.

    The lack of response makes me feel like I've asked a really dumb question, but really I just can't figure this one out.

    can anyone help?


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