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Topic: Lush sound from GOS?

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    Lush sound from GOS?

    Admittedly I have limited experience with this library and i realize its intended use is for orchestral tracks. But....can anyone advise me how I might process these to get a more lush sound wihich might work better in a jazz/pop ballad setting? They sound a bit stiff and brittle to me.
    I have all of the Logic plugs plus most UADs, Sonalksis etc.
    Thanks, JP

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    Re: Lush sound from GOS?

    You could try EQing out some of the harsh frequencies and more importantly layering in a more elastic library like Sonic Implants or Miroslav or any library that does the trick. I use VSL only though I do own GOS.

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    Re: Lush sound from GOS?

    You might also want to try the "Tender" string patches. They are warmer.

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    Re: Lush sound from GOS?

    Thanks. I will try both of these suggestions.

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    Re: Lush sound from GOS?

    Myself and others have found good results with a large cut at 1.5kHz and 3kHz. Don't be afraid to pull it down. A decent reverb also helps alot IMO.

    I find myself often using the 1st violin susv with sordino when I'm looking for that warm rich sound. Also, experiment simply layering different patches ontop of one another. This can effect surprisingly realistic results.

    Hope this helps.

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