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Topic: GPO + Logix EXS (Mac newbie help)

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    GPO + Logix EXS (Mac newbie help)

    Hello all,

    I'm new to sampling (but experienced with digital audio and Mac usage). I use Logic 7 on an Intel iMac, and want to find out about using the GPO samples in the Logix EXS sampler. (I'm quite unimpressed by the Kontakt-light included in Sibelius, and dislike NI's non-support, since I use GuitarRig as one of my main apps.) I read about the availability of the GOS samples in EXS format, and wanted to know what my options are, specifically:

    1) Does anyone have an EXS instrument library for the GPO samples?

    2) Is it required to use Kontakt as the sampler to use GPO?

    3) Are there significant performance or functionality differences between Kontakt and EXS?

    4) Will Garritan update GPO to include the new Kontakt when the Universal binary version comes out?

    ...any assistance appreciated...

    Stephen Pope

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    Re: GPO + Logix EXS (Mac newbie help)

    1) GPO programs are protected .nki files, so they won't run in EXS, not can you convert them with conventional conversion software. Technically you could get Autosampler from Redmatica and attempted to resample the GPO instruments for EXS. I wouldn't recommend trying this as the quality probably won't be as good, you'd have to reprogram everthing and it would take forever...

    2) You either have to use the Kontakt player that GPO came with, Kontakt 1.5 or Kontakt 2.

    3) Kontakt 2 has far more features than EXS does, including it's powerful scripting abilites which can really do wonders for GPO (or any other library). However, EXS is far more resource friendly than K2.

    4) Gary has said that there will be a free update to a UB Kontakt 2 Player for GPO when it's ready.

    Hope that helps.

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