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Topic: How to get a music box sound?

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    How to get a music box sound?

    I need to write a piece that starts with a music box (the kind with a little dancing ballarina that plays when the lid is open) playing an original theme of mine.

    I tried using a celesta and adding a bit of mechanical noises to it, but this wasn't convincing enough - it sounded like a bad recording of a celesta. Does anyone have a suggestion or sample library that has twelve tones of a music box sampled or any other ideas?


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    Re: How to get a music box sound?

    Here are some samples from a toy piano, music box etc... in AKAI format (but CDXtract does wonders...)


    Then there is Bela D. Media with a Gothic music box which can be found here:


    Hope they're helpful...

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    Re: How to get a music box sound?

    Please do a forum search for the terms "music box". You might be surprised at what fantastic little gem Bela D Media has to offer for you...

    p.s.: Close call, luk! Close call...
    Greetings from Vienna!
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    Re: How to get a music box sound?

    pete: 444 posts WOW!

    Indeed teh search function is teh b3st! (BLIAH!!!!!!!!... and I'm 29 years old... imagine that... Off to composing I guess...)

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    Re: How to get a music box sound?

    That is perfect! Just what I was looking for...thanks guys.


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    Here is a Giovani demo that features our free Gothik Musik Box.

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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