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Topic: Impressionism influenced scores?

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    Impressionism influenced scores?

    Just wondering, what are some of the French impressionism influenced scores out there (Debussy, Ravel..etc)? I was born in the early 70's, and by then, I think that style of score has already fallen out of popularity, so I really don't have any point of reference.

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    Re: Impressionism influenced scores?

    Are you looking for more recent music? If so I'd recommend almost anything by Toru Takemitsu, but especially a wonderful orchestral piece called "Twill By Twilight." Several recordings are available.
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    Re: Impressionism influenced scores?

    Not necessarily recent--older stuff is fine, as long as the recording quality isn't completely horrible.

    Thanks for the suggestion--I'll look into it.

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    Re: Impressionism influenced scores?

    Some of Sorabji's piano music, if you can get hold of recordings, is very impressionistic. My last piano teacher (Charles Hopkins) recorded a piece called Gulistan


    which was like Debussy on speed. Some of it was notated on seven staves because of the number of ideas the composer was trying to sustain.

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    Re: Impressionism influenced scores?

    Roussel, "Le festin de l'araignée"


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    Re: Impressionism influenced scores?

    Close Encounters of The Third Kind has impressionistic textures to be sure. Lots of 20th Century Russian as well but even those composers were influenced as well by the French style.

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    Re: Impressionism influenced scores?

    Try Jerry Goldsmith's Legend soundtrack

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    Re: Impressionism influenced scores?

    Thanks--great suggestions! I'll go ahead and check them all out.

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