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Topic: New spectrasonics products at namm!

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    New spectrasonics products at namm!

    Okay - this is PURE speculation, but I've decided this year at NAMM is going to be a huge year for spectrasonics announcements. My thinking goes like this:

    - This is the 3rd NAMM in a row (by my count) that we've been looking at Spectrasonics for their next ground breaking release. We've not really seen anything (except RMX which was big but just a further development of a software they'd already developed)
    - For the first time in a loooong time the Spectrasonics website has started to get updated very regularly and it looks like they're trying to set up for some potential big announcements

    - it seems that Eric has been much quieter on the message boards lately (I could be wrong, but it seems that way). This could indicate he's been busy working hard on his next release....

    These are just things I've noticed - I'm sure some others have noticed some signs too... irregular behavior can only mean one thing....

    SO - what do you think it will be?

    I vote for:
    - an acoustic Gtr module like trilogy
    - a vocal collection that would be Vocal planet on speed
    - and an ethnic library - possibly with the guy who played all the wind instruments on The Passion of the Christ (because I vaguely remember back then Eric mentioning a budding relationship with that guy)
    - And I think we will start seeing SAGE expander series'

    What do you guys think?


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    Re: New spectrasonics products at namm!

    Well, I hope there's a Trilogy 2.0 that adds a little more functionality for advanced articulation access and more multisamples per note. Trilogy is 85% great the way it is (for bass guitar), I'd like to see it go the rest of the way...

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    Red face Re: New spectrasonics products at namm!

    Well,............I don't know Hoss.....

    All good signs!..... the best sign I can think of is.. how long can a company go without a new revenue stream...? Its been a while...... Most of the main buyers have already invested in the Spectrasonics instruments of their choice.

    Thank God however,...that they're not like NI and the others who stake claim to a payable upgrade at the change of the seasons.

    They've been rather diligent at customer service while also tending projects at home quietly.

    One can only live off their last heroic deed for so long before the pains of hunger inspire a new work.

    Me thinks you're right about sooner than later though!

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    Re: New spectrasonics products at namm!

    I'm hoping for ethnic...

    He DID say some time ago that that would be good... and he does have the connections to pull that off.

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    Re: New spectrasonics products at namm!

    FWIW here's my guess (again)

    It's going to be a new instrument like Ultimate Sound Bank's Plugsound Pro. A combination of Stylus RMX with SAGE expanders of pre-existing libs like Vocal Planet, Heart of Asia, etc.

    Probably some new content for this.

    Probably no new stand alone libs like Trilogy or Atmosphere. (don't hold your breath for Trilogy the Guitar Version (I hope i'm wrong...))

    Base cost will be around $4-500. Upgrades available. New SAGE expanders $99-$200

    It will sound fantastic.

    I might buy it...


    I really do hope Eric releases some new standalone VST's. Guitars, Vocals, Ethnic. I really do not want more loops within RMX. (loops can kill you...)
    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: New spectrasonics products at namm!

    I'd love to see more sounds for Atmosphere

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    Re: New spectrasonics products at namm!

    There is an much bigger sign! They sale there "old" librarys for -50%!

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    Re: New spectrasonics products at namm!

    Quote Originally Posted by Anton Bruckner
    There is an much bigger sign! They sale there "old" librarys for -50%!
    Where do you see this sale?

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    Re: New spectrasonics products at namm!

    I'm hoping we'll see a Multi-channel version of Atmospshere, that is the kind of leap forward we saw from "classic" Stylus to RMX.

    We already know how Eric and company kind of have their hands tied, getting UB versions of Trilogy and Atmosphere released. Common sense says it's in their best interest to get out from under the technology of those two plug-ins.

    Let your mind wander a bit... say, 10 more gigs of sounds added to the existing ones. Maybe some pre-defined arrpegiatted, LFO syncable patterns, always locking to host tempo... FX tailored to keyboards sounds, along with some (if not all) of the ones we see in RMX...

    Excuse me... I need to be alone for a bit...

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