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Topic: November 21 - No Music Day!

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    Question November 21 - No Music Day!

    Say it isn't so!

    A group is proclaiming the 21st November to be No Music Day.



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    Re: November 21 - No Music Day!

    Is it just me, or is it time to introduce a tax on website silliness?

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    Re: November 21 - No Music Day!

    Ahhh....wish I had seen this earlier. I wouldn't be so exhausted now.


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    Re: November 21 - No Music Day!

    One good reason: give the ears some rest....... But I don't think that was the original argument.


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    Re: November 21 - No Music Day!


    Progbably because people are stubborly trying to get "something new"...

    Maybe because music has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.

    but then again let's think reasonably.

    No music day means:

    No TV
    No cinemas
    No adds
    No Radio
    No internet
    No Cubase, samples etc... (our line of buisnes)

    Hmmm... Do you think it will work? I for one listened already to some tunes, and started working on my music. So long for my no music day!

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    Re: November 21 - No Music Day!



    Brevity is the soul of wit, you know...


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    Re: November 21 - No Music Day!

    I would be cool with no RECORDED music day. Let's go with a pre-Edison experience. A day for playing and listening to live music.

    No sequenced music either. That includes player pianos, music boxes and those wicked musical contraptions of the 1890s. Let's enjoy the immediacy of the human touch for a change.

    Oh, no autotuners either. Let the talent shine (or the lack thereof curdle).

    You can still go to the Bijou - and hopefully they'll have a good piano player or organist.

    In fact, listening to live music on that day should be REQUIRED.

    The next day it's back to our iPods and elevator surround sound systems - with some appreciation of where music actually comes from.

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    Smile Re: November 21 - No Music Day!

    This is rather cool idea because people today are bombarded with music all day long. You can't go shopping without hearing some music, mostly music which lacks in quality, you can't take bus without hearing music, you can't turn on the TV or radio without hearing music.

    You all know I love music, otherwise I couldn't do my job, however I want to choice what music I listen too!

    Jon, we would need another day for your idea.

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    Re: November 21 - No Music Day!

    Quote Originally Posted by etLux


    Brevity is the soul of wit, you know...

    I second that Phhhhhht!

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: November 21 - No Music Day!

    Unfortunately for me, I can't participate in No Music Day. I have an audition tonight for District Jazz Band.
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