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Topic: K2.2 UB is out

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    K2.2 UB is out

    Apparently it's available for download:


    No announcements on the main page yet, though, and some users on the NI forums are complaining of installation woes.

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    Re: K2.2 UB is out

    Any improvements for non UB users?

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    Re: K2.2 UB is out

    Quote Originally Posted by JT3_Jon
    Any improvements for non UB users?
    Well the 2.2 (PC) patch adds some new modulators and some new KSP commands. I don't see anything mentioned about it in the "readme", but it seems like they finally fixed the tempo bug in the KSP, envelopes, and modulation!!!! Hoooorayyyy!!!!

    Hey wait...I've seen this. Ever get that feeling that...

    Sorry just Deja Vu

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