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Topic: Mixolydian Fantasy for Ogran

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    Mixolydian Fantasy for Ogran

    My latest organ piece, somewhat gentler than most of my compositions.

    Mixolydian Fantasy for Organ

    The mp3 was made with the GPO pipe organ.

    To listen, select the mp3 bar near the top of the page.

    To view the score, you will need the free Scorch plug-in, and a link to dowload it will be staring at you. Using Scorch, you can also listen as you read, but it will be gm, and not particulary good.


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    Re: Mixolydian Fantasy for Ogran

    Interesting study Richard. I tend to get stuck in dorian mode a lot. As if I were born there and keep returning. This reminds me that I need to branch out more and embrace new modes. There was almost a minimal approach to this piece that I really enjoyed. You mentioned it was a bit tamer than usual, and having heard enough of your work, I can almost feel that chromatic desire bubbling below the surface! Thanks for posting this!

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    Re: Mixolydian Fantasy for Ogran

    An interesting etude, Richard, virtually pedaled
    throughout and with a minimalistic tonic centricity
    to it... reminds me a little of Olivier Messiaen in
    the feel of it.


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