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Topic: "Le Jet d'Eau" by Sydney Smith

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    "Le Jet d'Eau" by Sydney Smith

    Who was Sydney Smith? An English composer (1839-1889) who wrote c. 400 compositions for piano. These are typical Victorian "parlour" piano pieces, and are tuneful and well written for the piano. His most popular one is probably the charming "Le Jet d'Eau" (The Fountain) which features cascades of arpeggios accompanying a graceful melody. I think it's very effective and works well with GPO Steinway.
    Hope you enjoy!

    A brief biographical note:

    The piece:

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    Re: "Le Jet d'Eau" by Sydney Smith

    This was such a delight to listen to. WOW. What a descriptive piece of music. You can imagine a fountain. i bet it is not easy to play, either! My hands ache from just listening to this!

    Well done

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    Re: "Le Jet d'Eau" by Sydney Smith

    A marvelous piece -- and the rendering and
    performance on it is superb.

    Please, bring us some more of Mr. Smith!


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    Re: "Le Jet d'Eau" by Sydney Smith

    Thanks Jerry and David for your positive feedback!
    Yes I think it's a very attractive piece - I first heard it decades ago when it was used as a signature tune for a radio programme on Irish radio, and it made an impression on me. I have recently borrowed some more of Smyth's scores which I will intend to look at - if I find anything interesting I will put it on my "rendering list".
    In the meantime glad you enjoyed the piece.

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