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Topic: "galiard" new theme

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    "galiard" new theme

    That´s my new composition, a baroque style theme called "galiard". I wish you like


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    Re: "galiard" new theme

    Wonderful! Beautiful, nuanced realization and a sublime composition.

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    Re: "galiard" new theme

    Charming composition. Makes me want to dance. Also, that mix is very well done.


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    Re: "galiard" new theme

    This is wonderful! Beautiful writing and a very nice mix. What did you use for the lute? Are the strings GPO? They have a quality that I am unable to capture (probably too generous with my velocity). Thank you for sharing this.

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    Re: "galiard" new theme

    Lovely work, with its lilting delicacy and gentility.
    Very well rendered, as well!



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    Question Re: "galiard" new theme

    It's stylish and enjoyable.

    Did it you for some specific project, or just for fun?

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    Re: "galiard" new theme

    Thank you so much for your comments.
    The lute is the "guitar portuguese" from "etnosphere vsti".
    Thanks specially David and Fabio. I really appreciate very much your music and I am always pendent of your pieces. For me it´s a honour.

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    Re: "galiard" new theme

    Wonderful writing and rendering. I enjoyed the baroque "flavor". The balance and reverb are especially well done.
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    Re: "galiard" new theme

    Great work and very much in keeping with the galiard style. I like your orchestration and use of the sound libraries to get the best flavor of the work.



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    Re: "galiard" new theme

    What a charming piece!

    As others, I'm reminded of a dance (Renaissance!)....Very visual.

    Well done!!


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