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Topic: Symphony for the digital age

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    Symphony for the digital age

    From the BBC website.

    The music used in videogames has come a long way since the days of mono beeps and blips in the 1980s. A live concert of videogame music played by a symphony orchestra in London is the latest sign of maturation for the art.

    "Non-gamers might think that videogame music still sounds like a merry-go-round anthem," says Tommy Tallarico, composer and co-founder of Video Games Live, a music and interactive concert which debuts in the UK on Saturday.

    He describes VideoGames Live as the "intensity of a rock concert combined with the emotion of a symphony and the fun and interactivity of a video game".

    The format is certainly proving to be a success: 13 concerts have been performed so far, mainly in the US with two concerts at the world famous Hollywood Bowl.
    Mr Tallarico says: "The reaction of the crowd was incredible. To see people from all ages to come together and celebrate videogames is really quite special.
    "It's ushering in a whole new generation of people to a symphony. But it's also about bringing people into contact with videogames for the first time."

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    Re: Symphony for the digital age

    Watt did he say?
    Tony, good to see your back. Now turn around and face the rest of us!

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