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Topic: As By Night The Shepherds Watch

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    As By Night The Shepherds Watch

    I got inspired by JerryW's beautiful string piece and was inclined to offer this new work. I had'nt written only for strings in Finale 07 and GPO so I tried my hand at the beautiful string sounds that Garritan has offered and came up with this little Christmas String offering to set the mood for a Christmas pageant.

    I am humbled by JerryW's talent . I just want to thank him for the inspiration.

    As By Night The Shepherds Watch

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    Re: As By Night The Shepherds Watch

    Hi Wrayer,

    WOW. This is very evocative music. I love the piccicato motif and the stirring tremolondo sections!

    This does help me get in the mood for Christmas.

    I am happy I had some small part in helping you find some inspiraration to do this. Keep working and writing!

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    Re: As By Night The Shepherds Watch

    This was cool. I like the use of the solo string.

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    Re: As By Night The Shepherds Watch

    Nice, very nice. It started the day with this..... and it helped.
    You guys have wonderful ideas of orchestration and arranging "chapeau"!!


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    Re: As By Night The Shepherds Watch

    Very nice arrangment and good use of the GPO strings. There is so much that can be done with them!!



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    Re: As By Night The Shepherds Watch

    Thanks guys for the comments. With the sounds Gary has offered, a whole new vista of writting and arranging becomes available. This melody is an original and it took so little time to orchestrate with the wonderful string sounds. I even picked up my violin and played along (thought I was in a real orchestra.)

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    Re: As By Night The Shepherds Watch

    Great solo writing in this, William, and fine
    handling of the string orchestra. I appreciate
    the attention paid to differing textures and
    the mix of pizzicato, tremolo, and bowed work
    -- writing for string orchestra often suffers
    the ear by unrelieved color; but this thought-
    fully contrastive approach creates an enduring
    landscape of interest for the ear.


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    Re: As By Night The Shepherds Watch

    I'm just going to bump this to the top. Have a listen.

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