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Topic: Pianos In Mixes

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    Pianos In Mixes

    Hi everybody,

    We talk a lot about very detailed matters, which I find totally fascinating and encourage. The goal (well one large goal) of course, is to be touched and to touch others. I've put a link here to a mix I did a couple of years back, using just about every piece of technology at my disposal, and I think (!) it achieves what I set out to do.

    The song "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" is just about my all-time favourite, and I was lucky to have my friend June Lawson available to do a vocal. The mix starts circa 1940 with a very compressed mono sound but opens up to full stereo before the vocal entry. Many hours were consumed putting all the bits in place. Anyone care to guess the make of piano? (I will tell, that's only fair in a forum like this).




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    Re: Pianos In Mixes

    I meant to say: anyone else like to share a favorite mix?



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