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Topic: Why Music Gives Us the Chills

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    Why Music Gives Us the Chills

    "Shivers down the spine even show up in brain scans, according to research at McGill University. As chills grow in intensity, bloodflow increases between areas of the brain associated with euphoria-inducing vices like food, , and drugs."

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    Re: Why Music Gives Us the Chills

    Interesting little article, thanks for the post! I get goose bumps/chills very often when listening to music... or even playing it in my head.
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    Re: Why Music Gives Us the Chills

    I remember vividly one of the first times I can say a live piece gave me chills: Mvt. IV of the Divine Comedy, In Paradisium, at Jordan Hall. There are others, but that one jumps out.

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    Re: Why Music Gives Us the Chills

    The first time I got the chills from listening to music was when I heard this Burl Ives single on a cheap little plastic record player. It would have been aroud 1962, when I was three or four. It made a big impression!

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    Re: Why Music Gives Us the Chills

    The vocal sections of Herr Beethoven's ninth symphony are definite "chills-up-and-down-the-spine" inducers for me. These are some of the grandest moments in classical music, in my opinion.



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    Re: Why Music Gives Us the Chills

    OK, fine but it is freaking cold this morning! Someone turned up the music?

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