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Topic: Dual AES16 for Giga?

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    Dual AES16 for Giga?

    I've been running a Lynx AES16 in a PC for Gigastudio 16-channel output to a Digidesign 192 Digital I/O feeding ProTools on a Mac for a few years now. Works beautifully. So I figured that if some is good, more is better, and recently acquired a second AES16 and 192 Digital I/O in order to double my Giga outputs. Having installed the second Lynx card, I've discovered that Giga (latest v. 3.20xxxx) will only recognize one PCI card at a time. So more is useless, I'm an idiot, and my strategy is up the creek.

    Right now the only solution I see is to pony up for another PC and another Giga license. Ouch.

    Does anyone have any clever thoughts? For example, is anyone aware of a piece of software that can spoof the Windows card presentation so that Giga sees two PCI buses as a single card?

    Help, and thanks in advance.


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    Re: Dual AES16 for Giga?

    Found the answer to my own question. Typical.

    When you install the second PCI card, Giga creates an Output Channel map (System Settings > Hardware) for the first card which includes the outputs for the second card as channels 17-32. Enable these outputs (green check under the "Enable" column), and then be sure to map them in at the bottom of each channel-pair column in the DSP Station.

    Sorry for the spam. Hope this helps someone else down the road.



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    Re: Dual AES16 for Giga?

    Quote Originally Posted by bobson
    Sorry for the spam.
    It wasn't spam...

    Quote Originally Posted by bobson
    Hope this helps someone else down the road.
    ...and that's exactly why!!
    — alanb




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