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Topic: spdif to aes conversion

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    spdif to aes conversion

    Anybody know about spdif to aes conversion? I need to hook up a spdif output to an AES input. The guy at the audio place I go to just suggested an xlr to rca jack. I'm assuming that it has to be more complicated than that. For the record, all equipment is clocked by bnc cable so the wordclock is going through a separate line. I'm aware of the conversion boxes made by rme and m-audio etc but the guy in the audio shop put a bug in my ear (the "I'm cheap and don't want to waste money on something completely purposeless" bug). Anyone know if there is any degradation to look out for in converting a digital signal?


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    Re: spdif to aes conversion

    I don't remember the details, but you can get away with simply wiring up an adapter. I'd guess it will work nine times out of ten...

    if you run into that tenth case, M-Audio used to make a couple of very low priced converter boxes, the CO2 which did physical conversion from optical to electrical, and the CO3 which did that and format conversion.

    I just checked, and it appears that the CO3 is no longer made, but I'll bet there are music stores out there with them on the shelves! Or there is alway eBay<G>!

    Alesis made one too, the AI-1, but it too seems to have been retired. What are these people thinking???

    There are also a number of application notes on the web that describe various methods, most of them passive, to do the conversion.

    I'd probably take a stab at a passive adapter (driving a balanced input from an unbalanced source is generally pretty easy to do), and if that did not work I'd look for a used CO3 or AI-1.

    Good luck!
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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