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Topic: Dual AES16 for Giga?

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    Dual AES16 for Giga?

    I've been running a Lynx AES16 in a PC for Gigastudio 16-channel output to a Digidesign 192 Digital I/O feeding ProTools on a Mac for a few years now. Works beautifully. So I figured that if some is good, more is better, and recently acquired a second AES16 and 192 Digital I/O in order to double my Giga outputs. Having installed the second Lynx card, I've discovered that Giga (latest v. 3.20xxxx) will only recognize one PCI card at a time. So more is useless, I'm an idiot, and my strategy is up the creek.

    Right now the only solution I see is to pony up for another PC and another Giga license. Ouch.

    Does anyone have any clever thoughts? For example, is anyone aware of a piece of software that can spoof the Windows card presentation so that Giga sees two PCI buses as a single card?

    Help, and thanks in advance.


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    Re: Dual AES16 for Giga?

    Found the answer to my own question. Typical.

    When you install the second PCI card, Giga creates an Output Channel map (System Settings > Hardware) for the first card which includes the outputs for the second card as channels 17-32. Enable these outputs (green check under the "Enable" column), and then be sure to map them in at the bottom of each channel-pair column in the DSP Station.

    Sorry for the spam. Hope this helps someone else down the road.



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