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Topic: GPO and Cubase

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    GPO and Cubase


    I have a questions to ask of GPO, within Cubase SL.

    Currently i have about 5 (Dry)instruments loaded in the kontakt player.

    I have a composition of 4 string tracks . Ordinarily i would work with the volume curves, but in this arrangement i'm experimenting with the modulation as my volume/brightness. (... as the mod wheel is recommended in the manual)

    My problem lies in that each track contains so much modulation data, that when all tracks are played together, clipping occurs, and even entire tracks are cut off.

    When the modulation data is deleted, the problem goes away.. all tracks can be heard.

    What am I doing wrong with this setup? (it's only 4 tracks!)

    Any insight would be appreciated..



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    Re: GPO and Cubase

    Hello, Jeff--I use Sonar HS4XL, and not Cubase, but the problem you're describing is something that can happen with any software, I do believe.

    Quite simplly, it takes a Lot of CPU power to get even those few GPO tracks playing along with all the MIDI data you want to use.

    On the sound card you're using, there must be a setting for the I/O buffer size. I'm constantly adjusting mine upwards when I experience more pops-clicks-and stutters than I can tolerate, while I'm working on the MIDI tracks.

    I'm doing full orchestral pieces with an average of 40+ tracks, and there's simply no way that I can play them all in Real Time. After getting GPO, I had to adapt my previous way of working, so that now I'm constantly bouncing tracks down to audio. My final projects consist of only audio tracks, since my computer (Dell, XP, 1 gig Ram etc) is able to play them without the pops and clicks--for the most part. It's really only after mixing down an entire project to the 2 track master that the full pieces can be heard perfectly smoothly.

    So I'm suggesting two things--increase your buffer size, and then get in the habit of bouncing down to audio throughout your projects.

    One more detail occurs to me--when I'm working with the full orchestra, initially I limit myself to one lead instrument for each group, only adding in the ensemble players after the orchestration is completely worked out. Obviously that lessens the CPU strain quite a bit also.

    Best of luck.


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    Re: GPO and Cubase

    can you post an mp3 of what you are experiencing? Is it a drop back to zero volume at random or snap pop and crackling? If it is the latter rbowsers suggestions are good. If it is those random drops to zero volume, then there hasn't been a solution posted yet.

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    Re: GPO and Cubase

    Thanks for the replies..

    I too adjust the audio buffer size when i'm working.. Low while recording, and high for final works.

    Currently there is indeed allot of crackling, cutting out of instruments, no doubt due to computational overload. But as this isn't discussed much in the forums i assumed i was the only one experiencing this problem. Even many tutorials describe creating 10-20 solo tracks in order to create that full orchestral sound.. but once again there's little mention of performance issues.

    Still, as stated in my initial post, I'm merely trying to incorporate the modulation wheel. (until now, i've been only adjusting the volume curves)

    The more i experiment, the more i'm finding little difference between a rise in volume as opposed to a rise in modulation.

    Perhaps i'll stick with my volume curves.. much less data in them!

    thanks again


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    Re: GPO and Cubase

    Hello again, Jeff

    I think you have it correct, that there's simply a Big load on a computer's CPU using GPO, and everyone has their way of working around it--from bouncing to audio more often, to buying more computer horse power.

    You said:

    "...Perhaps I'll stick with my volume curves..."

    You must mean drawing volume curves in Cubase's VSTi tracks? I know you said you're not hearing a difference between those results and those from using modulation--even though theoretically there should be a difference, since the instruments' timbres are effected with the volume changes via mod wheel.

    I encourage you to not do that, but to use the mod wheel which is so much more organic and intuitive to use, rather than drawing in all those volume nodes and changes.

    I use a combination of these methods--doing as much recording and editing via MIDI as possible, then doing yet more dynamics editing with the bounced audio files. The only way to expand the bottom or head room of potential volume is through mixing audio tracks--so it becomes the best of both worlds--MIDI control, and audio control.

    Mainly I wanted to get back on to say that having pops, crackles etc while trying to play multiple tracks with GPO is certainly in the realm of many users' experience. Finding a way to work around that in the way that is most comfortable for you is of course what's important.


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