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Topic: Piano used in Film Music

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    Piano used in Film Music

    do u guys know which piano they use for recording film music?? maybe the steinway (i saw some pictures of hollywood orchestras).....i really like the boesendofer suond but maybe it's more used for Solo piano ....someone can tell me more? tnx

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    Re: Piano used in Film Music

    I would imagine that it depends on the film.

    you're talking about "film music", so you're tlaking about thousands of film scores. I wouldn't imagine that you would get a specific answer. The bosendorfer is famous for it's extra bass octave, so it can be used for that. Steinway...is Steinway.

    If you're looking on what to use on your mixies, use...what suites best.

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    Re: Piano used in Film Music

    I was at Fox studios in Century City in Dec 1988 during the recording of Bruce Broughton's soundtrack for 'Jacknife'. The piano there was a Steinway, as I recall. I would think the 'in situ' piano would generally be used unless a particular requirement was to be met. It is also most likely there is more than one piano on hand in this large studios.

    For film & TV work using sample libraries (a lot of it is done this way) of course it comes down to the taste of the person or people responsible for the sound design.

    Recording demos for a short music theatre piece recently I used at least three different sample sets (sometimes changing within the same song) to complement the flavour and style of the number. This flexibility is a great luxury, and the notes don't slip out of tune!! (having said that, I love the Vintaudio uprights and the Steingraber upright on NI Akoustik, so much character).



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    Re: Piano used in Film Music

    From what i remember of hollywood stages I have played at

    Paramount: Yamaha custom with ivory keys
    Warner Brothers: The Famous Steinway from the days of looney tunes
    Fox: 2 Steinway grands
    Firehouse: Bosendofer

    I have been at many others just cannot remember them

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