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Topic: Wind Instruments don't 'sound'!

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    Wind Instruments don't 'sound'!

    Hello All!
    I've been having a problem lately with my JABB Kontakt player. I've only just got hold of it recently so I'm pretty new to everything it has to offer but I've got particularly stuck on one issue, No Wind instruments play... (except for Flutes ).

    All the Rhythm works as I would expect (ie. Keyboarded instruments, basses, kit's etc.) but the trombones, trumpets, saxes (incl. the tuba) don't sound. Breath noises do work however across all wind instruments.

    Using the virtual keyboard which Kontakt provides, pressing a pitched note of one of the sax instruments (for example) only makes an impact on the CPU.

    I've had a look at the .nki files and their corresponding .txt files for each of the instrumental sounds and everything seems to be in order.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Wind Instruments don't 'sound'!


    Volume of expressive intruments (as opposed to percussive intruments) is controlled using the mod wheel - CC#1.
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    Re: Wind Instruments don't 'sound'!

    I would recommend reading the manual for this library or you will miss most of it's cool and powerful features!


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    Re: Wind Instruments don't 'sound'!

    Is there a way to disable the need to use CC1 for volume (or reverse it so that CC1=0 is full volume)?

    I'd buy this collection if there was. I have a spring-loaded CC1 wheel, and in GPO, it's too painful to hold it up for the whole song, plus I can't use two hands to play.


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    Re: Wind Instruments don't 'sound'!


    You could just set the CC#1 data yourself. Like just draw it in. (On most sequencers this is done in the 'Piano Roll' view). The mod wheel/CC#1 is your dynamics, to get instruments sounding real you really need to be adjusting it on every note/few notes to try and copy real players.


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