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Topic: Live situation

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    Live situation

    I might build a live module with gigasampler, getting an old crappy Pentiun 2 with
    300-400MHz processor.
    My concern is witch soudcard to use, and since I\'ll only play one instrumet at the time, there
    is no use of buying \"Ferrari\" components.
    I\'ve thought about the Sound Blaster Live 5.1. Is this the way to go.
    One of my main points is to get away relative cheep, but still with the proper power to play a
    singel instrument at the time.

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    Re: Live situation

    The SB 5.1 should be fine for this as long as you are not running XP or 2000 (which REQUIRE a GSIF-compatible sound card). If your system is anything like my old one (a PII-450) you may get about 70-80 notes polyphony (occasional higher peaks) before you start hearing obvious audio degradation.

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