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Topic: Clarinets dominating?

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    Clarinets dominating?

    Hey I have a problem that seems to come up all the time. If I'm scoring parts for all four woodwinds, it seems that the clarinets ALWAYS dominate over all the others at any level of dynamics. Is this typical of clarinets? Or might the GPO clarinets just be recorded a bit loud?

    I'm using Sibelius.


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    Re: Clarinets dominating?

    It is not typical of clarinets, which have a smooth tone capable of self-effacement (except at fortissimo); it is more typical of oboes.

    I am not aware that clarinets are recorded too heavily in GPO. I think you need to look in your Sibelius mixer, and reduce the clarinet slider.

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    Re: Clarinets dominating?

    actually, I've found that the clarinets have a tendency to sound rather prominantly over the other woodwinds in Finale as well.

    I deal with it simply by reducing the clarinet volume in the internal mixer in Finale. the same option should be available in Sibelius.

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    Re: Clarinets dominating?

    Ok that makes me feel better. Sibelius does seem to have its levels set differently than vanilla GPO. I'll just turn them down.


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    Re: Clarinets dominating?

    I must join in to say that I'm constantly wrestling the Clarinet volumes down also. I'm using sequencer software, Sonar Home Studio to be exact, and have many options for creating the balances I need--including, of course, changing the pre-set volumes in the Kontact player.

    I use Kontact pre-sets of instrument groups with the Clarinets lower than all the rest of the woodwinds, and then any further tweaking needed on a per-case basis, I do with the VSTi faders in the sequencer.


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