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Topic: modwheel crossfades

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    modwheel crossfades

    Might seem a simple question, but how do I easily set up a multi two instruments that can be crossfaded with the modwheel? The manual doesn't seem to cover this....

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    Re: modwheel crossfades


    There is a tutorial in the Kontakt area of the NI website. The tutorial is for Kontakt 1, but the principals are exactly the same and should help you out.


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    Re: modwheel crossfades

    There a free script call layer_blend that could help...try to search it.

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    Re: modwheel crossfades

    Thanks! I'll search them out.


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    Re: modwheel crossfades


    I think this is exactly what you need!


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    Re: modwheel crossfades

    Thanks Benjamin

    I tried the script, but it's for xfading between velocity layers of the same instrument. What I want to do is xfade between two instruments in a multi. I know I can assign the mod wheel to any knob, and it seems to work, but it will only increase volume as the wheel goes up. Thats fine for one instrument but I want to be able to reverse it for the other, if you se what ═ mean.

    This will probably turn out to be embarrassingly easy, but I find Kontakt often overlooks simple things in favour of (to me) over-complex ones.

    Anyone help?



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    Re: modwheel crossfades

    Hi again!

    I wrote you a small crossfade script...


    You can download it here ^^

    (PS: If you want a script that fades notes that are still sustaining it would be a litte bit more work...let me know)


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    Re: modwheel crossfades

    Hi Benjamin

    What service! My own personal script! And it works! Thanks so much.

    I can't say I understand it, though...
    I put the script in the first and second instrument and somehow got it to work, though I didn't change anything in the second instrument's panel. Is this right?

    It would be great to understand what I'm doing.....

    What would we do without people like you?!
    Thanks again!


    Yes, I see what you mean about sustained notes - and yes, you guessed it, that would be even better. If you crack this, I think others will find this very useful!

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    Re: modwheel crossfades

    Hi Nic!

    Put the script in the first instrument change button to "x-fade instr A" and select a "x-fade curve" and the "x-fade cc".

    Put the script in the second instrument change button to "x-fade instr B" and select a "x-fade curve" and the "x-fade cc".

    It's important you first select "x-fade instr A" or "x-fade instr B" and than the curve. Because i reverse the curve of the second instrument when you select "x-fade curve" - so it it will be a crossfade.

    Have fun!

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    Re: modwheel crossfades

    btw: I look what i can do about sustaining notes Stay tuned...

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