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Topic: A song to reminisce by, thanks to JABB...

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    Wink A song to reminisce by, thanks to JABB...

    Hi y'all,

    If'n y'all wanna spend a few moments this nice Thanksgiving day reminiscing, I put together a little Glenn Miller-ish tune you can listen to if ya like.

    It's called "Myschief". If you have a fast broadband internet connection (DSL/cable), and are running Internet Explorer, you can hear it and see a live lyrics display here:


    Just go to the above link and click on "Myschief". If you have a slower dial up connection, you can download it here:


    Just right click on the blue "Myschief" name and select "Save Target As...".
    I absolutely adore JABB and GPO, without which this lil composition could not have been conceived!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    With affection,
    narrow aka Muffit

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    Re: A song to reminisce by, thanks to JABB...

    Looks like you found the Listening Room, Muffit... lol.
    Gary also moved your original thread over here, I



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    Re: A song to reminisce by, thanks to JABB...


    My bad... please forgive the dup post, Alzheimers ya know...

    Muffit aka narrow

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