I've got a question which is more of a "how to use Sibelius" question, but I was a little more tempted to ask you lot.. any or all sibelius users here seem to be absolutely fluent.

I thought I'd better stick with the flow of the river and upgrade (to Sib4) to get used to it in preperation for updates in the future (I didn't want to be permentely stuck in the dark ages and stubborn to move from Sib3 in 5 years time).

I know Sibelius 3 like the palm of my hand and I use the 'notes and rests' function on my keypad to create multiple notes as a way of note input. Ie. for 3 bars of semiquavers, I'd select three bars, press 'semi-quaver' on the keypad a few times until the semi-quavers filled the bar and used 'notes and rests' to turn them from rests to notes. I use this way of inputting ALL the time.

On Sib4, the only way I can achieve this without MIDI keyboard is by selecting a semi-quaver on the keypad, hovering over the stave to create a shadow note, and click it 16x 3 bars (for example).

Is there a way of returning to the old function of Note Input?, has anyone else found this a nuisence?

Thanks, Dave.