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Topic: DP 5.11 and GPO problem

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    DP 5.11 and GPO problem

    Hello everyone,

    I have installed DP 5.1 and DP 5.11 and it won't find my GPO libraries. I am using this on a new Intel iMAC for the first time.
    I also want to note that Finale 2006d can see my GPO just fine. Also Garageband won't find GPO either. So I figure it is an AU problem (?). Everything is registered and authorized.
    Also it won't find my finale GPO libraries either.
    Things I've tried:

    - Reinstalling both GPO and DP with the updates.
    - Deleting the AU cache from the preferences so it re-scans AU.
    - Restarting / reopening everything.

    Any other ideas on what it might be the problem? Any assistance it would be great.

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    Re: DP 5.11 and GPO problem

    Skartakis, while DP 5.11 is now a universal binary program (optimized for both intel and PPC chips), I don't think GPO is yet and this may be the problem. I think that the UB version of shouldn't be too far away. I'm waiting too and I'm also waiting for GEM - the General Midi instrument.
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    Re: DP 5.11 and GPO problem

    The same goes for me. DP 5.11 and no GPO. I'm still on the non-Intel for music but my family loves the new iMac. I spend way too much time on music to share one computer. Let me know when you see an update.

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