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Topic: Sample start script for Kontakt ?

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    Sample start script for Kontakt ?

    Hello there,

    I'm basically in the same boat of JohnCarter's latest post about making strings more realistic..

    Is there anyone here who can explain briefly (or with passion if you have the time) how to make a script from an NKI instrument, so that I can control the "sample-start" of my Strings to avoid this gunshot effect when scoring staccatos for example ?

    I've already found how to move the sample's start of ONE sample from a NKI instrument, but I want to be able to modulate this sample start with my mod-wheel of ALL the NKI instrument...

    PS : I've done some researches (NSS search, NI Kontakt 2 PDF & forum, Google) but nothing came out on this specific question...

    Any ideas ?

    Thanx in advance !

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    Re: Sample start script for Kontakt ?

    Okay, I think I found the trick. In fact, I also found a script in NI's Kontakt forum to "random" the sample start (geez, this is the holy grail !)

    Here's the script, but to be "heard", you have to re-load your instrument in Sampler mode (instead of DFD) :

    on init
    declare ui_knob $RandMin (0,10000,1)
    declare ui_knob $RandMax (0,10000,1)
    declare ui_label $Info (3, 2)
    make_persistent ($RandMin)
    make_persistent ($RandMax)
    $RandMax := 0
    set_text ($Info, "Values in millisceonds.")
    add_text_line ($Info, "Ex: If sample is 8.42s, set RandMax to 8420.")
    end on

    on note
    play_note($EVENT_NOTE,$EVENT_VELOCITY,random($Rand Min*1000,$RandMax*1000),-1)
    end on
    And to modulate the sample-start, simply select an external controller like the mod-wheel, and affect "Sample-Start" to it. But don't forget to switch to "Sampler" mode instead of DFD also.

    PS : Thanx to Kotori and Gislemm for their posts (http://www.native-instruments.com/forum_us/showthread.php?t=39041&highlight) and http://www.native-instruments.com/fo...ad.php?t=38402)

    Conclusion : Forums & search engines are definitely more to the point than Manuals.

    (this Zacchino guy is talking to himself out loud, leave him alone, he's on medication ^^)

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    Re: Sample start script for Kontakt ?

    Yes, you cannot use sample start modulation when using DFD - so it is not really interesting to use sample start modulation for big libraries (of at all, as RAM fills up too quickly).
    And well, of course you can modulate it via the sampler module directly for non DFD mode.


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