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Topic: VGA booster recommendation?

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    VGA booster recommendation?

    Hi there,

    Just finishing a remoldel of the studio to have a seperate 'machine closet' and have small issue with my monitors. Of course I have had to add a 10' exntension cable (VGA) - total length - 16'. All works fine expept I get some 'ghosting' now.

    Confirm that is goes away when I plug direct without the 10' extension VGA cable. Can someone recommend to me a good 'booster' to put inline?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: VGA booster recommendation?

    HI Rob,
    i have done 75' runs with VGA and no booster. the key is high quality cables.

    now DVI is less like 40' without a booster.

    Zaolla makes great cables

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    Re: VGA booster recommendation?


    It's very hard to beat their prices on most of their stuff, espeically the DVI cables.

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