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Topic: Performance questions w/Finale 2007

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    Performance questions w/Finale 2007

    I am new to JABB and Finale 2007. Up until now, I have relied on MIDI alteration to reflect dynamics, crescendo & decrescendo, falls & doits, and trombone glissandi - however, Human Playback ignores these alterations. Where can I find documentation to demonstrate how to dictate all of the above mentioned items (esp. TB gliss.) for playback with JABB using Finale 2007? Thanks...

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    Re: Performance questions w/Finale 2007

    When the Finale 2007 maintenance update comes out, (hopefully soon) a new HP tutorial will be included. I'm sure that will answer your questions.



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    Re: Performance questions w/Finale 2007

    Has this tutorial been released? They're at finale2007C now, and I can't find this one you're referring to...

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    Re: Performance questions w/Finale 2007

    There is a GPOHP Tutorial Supplement.pdf file in the Finale 2007\User Manual folder. It does have some info about JABB.

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